Fashion + Portrait 
  1. Rollup Magazine - Natural Progression
  2. Cassie Wong - Track & Field
  3. Highsnobiety Magazine Fall 2023 - Lanyard Culture 
  4. David Bihomara
  5. Brooke Beauileu
  6. Highsnobiety NYC
  8. Mamei Adjei
  9. ADIV - Life Could Be Different
  10. Phenotype - Mutation II
  11. Twaankalu - Silk & Roses 

Brand Work
Campaigns + Creative Direction
  1. SANG SS24 Lookbook
  2. Hignsnobiety for YSL Beauty
  3. RADASFVCK for Kappa
  4. Kappa F/W 22
  5. Liya Hizkias for COACH x Basquiat
  6. ADIV for Grey Goose Essences
  7. Manic Styling Launch Imagery
  8. Cignewtons for Manic Styling
  9. Highsnobiety for Madewell

Nightlife + Galleries
  1. Working Girls X Amanda Lepore
  2. Leihti Su - Dream Dinner Party 
  3. Jeffrey Deitch Gallery 

Colour Theory°

                                                        Colour Temperature, expressed in ‘Kelvin’, is a measurement unit for the colour of light that is illuminating your subject. Closely intertwined with the field of colour theory, the “°” motif is a reference to the science behind the art of creating imagery. 




Eli Sethna — Photo and Creative Direction


(b. Johannesburg, RSA)

                 Eli is an NYC based photographer whose work spans a wide variety of subjects and topics across fashion, portraiture, branded work, events, and more. 

With placements in various magazines such as Highsnobiety, PAPER, British GQ, GASP Zine and inclusions in art galleries in both LA and NYC, his work combines film, digital, and multimedia to create imagery that feels striking  yet familiar, nostalgic yet forward thinking, outwardly expressive yet introspective, all at once. 

Email: eli@elisethna.com